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Funny Paper Birthday Cards
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Howdy There!

Were you trying to find the funniest birthday cards online? Did you expect to just stumble across the best alternative greeting cards on the web?

Well, guess what? You did it!! You've found the most creative alternative birthday cards on the Internet! Our birthday cards are quirky, sophisticated and packed with offbeat humor.

We create funny greeting cards based on real life situations mixed with a
twist of offbeat humor. Our wacky world is created using an array of whimsical cartoon characters and a mixture of crazy photographs snapped at just the precise moment to capture unforgettable looks and expressions.

Our paper birthday cards are family friendly which means they can be read and sent to any member of your family, including your 90 year old Aunt Gertrude.

Birthday Cards are #1

Birthday cards are the most popular everyday cards given, making up around 60% of all everyday cards purchased. Alternative greeting cards, also known as offbeat, are quickly becoming the card of choice for an ever growing younger generation. Traditional and humorous birthday cards make up the other areas of the greeting card market.

Did you know the average person receives eight birthday cards a year?
Paper greeting cards are still king! Ecards are fun to send on occassion but nothing beats a great, colorful paper birthday card that you can hold in your hand and pass around to your friends and relatives. Nine out of 10 Americans say they look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because cards allow them to keep in touch with friends and family and make them feel they are important to someone else.

Something Unique

The birthday cards you will find on this site are original creations with our unique look at life and relationships. Our cards cannot be found in every mart, mall and greeting card shop in the country which means the recipient of one of our birthday cards won't be receiving a card they've already read on the greeting card aisle.

Browse through our online birthday card selection and let us know what you think about our greeting card expressions. We welcome any comments or suggestions to help make our cards the best birthday sentiments on the Web.



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